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Rolling Steel Doors
Rolling Steel Doors by Wayne Dalton
Rolling Steel Service Door
(Model 900 Shown)
800 & 900 Series Rolling Service Door
Galvanized, pre-painted curtain of minimum 24 gauge steel has interlocking slats with endlocks / windlocks riveted to ends of alternate slats. Designed to withstand 20PSF wind load.
Curved Slats: 900 Series - 1/2” deep, 1-3/4” on centers. 800 - 7/8” deep, 2-5/8” on centers.
Flat Slats: 900 Series - 1/2” deep, 1-5/8” on centers. 800 - 3/4” deep, 2-7/16” on centers.
Insulated Rolling Steel Service Door 800C Series Insulated Rolling Service Door
Foamed in place insulation process-for reduction of building costs and optimal control of heating/cooling energy losses through openings-neoprene hood baffle reduces air infiltration at header-bottom bar weather-strip also provides cushion at bottom of door-guide weather-strip at each jamb reduces air leakage between guide and curtain-for chain hoist, crank or motor operation only.
TITAN™ Rolling Steel Doors TITAN™ Rolling Steel Doors
Designed to withstand windloads of 40 pounds and 30 pounds per square foot for 14 gauge and 18 gauge doors respectively.
The depth and contour of the Titan No. 9 slat and the 1/4” minimum structural steel guides yield a section modulus far above those of the smaller standard rolling steel door components, making the Titan the ideal door for special applications.
Rolling Steel Fire Door Akbar 89 Series Steel Fire Door
Akbar 89 fire doors are a convenient and practical solution to safety and protection. Designed to accommodate optional operation methods including powered closing and testing. Akbar 89 fire doors have a 3 or 4-hour label rating for masonry and steel (minimum 3/16”) jambs. Also available are the 3/4 hour and 1 1/2-hour label ratings for non-masonry walls with 16 gauge steel of wood studs.
Rolling Steel Counter Shutters Rolling Steel Counter Shutters
Basically a rolling door in miniature design, operating and manner of installation, these rolling counter shutters provide a neat curtain comprised of slats of extruded aluminum, roll-formed galvanized steel or stainless steel. They harmonize with virtually any building décor and provide good protection against pilferage of unauthorized entry. Each shutter is custom built to fit openings and may be operated by push-up, awning crank or motor operator.
Rolling Steel Door Parts
Hoist Operators for Rolling Steel Doors
Weather Seals for Rolling Steel Doors
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