MaxBullet Strip Door Truck Mounting Systems  
Designed with our exclusive MaxBullet® hardware and Scratch-Guard® ribbed stripping, the MaxBullet® Truck Mount System quickly and simply installs using two L-
brackets. May be used with conventional roll-up or swing doors.
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Scratch-Guard Ribbed PVC Strip
Install Truckmount Install ScratchGuard Install HiViz
Scratch-Guard® ribbed material offers superior scratch-resistance
increasing long-term visibility and eliminates sticking to shrink wrap! Stripping remains flexible creating easy walk-through.
Hi-Viz® Fluorescent Safety Rings are placed on the studs of the MaxBullet® hardware to indicate the top of the door opening in low light conditions.
  • Maintain better
    temperature control.

  • Improve energy efficiency.

  • Reduce maintenance costs on refrigeration units.

 Part # Description
 477500 MaxBullet® Truck Mount Complete Strip Door Kit
(8'w x 8'h - 8" x.198 Low Temp Scratch-Guard® Strips with 50% Overlap; MaxBullet® Truckmount Hardware Kit; Hi-Viz® Fluorescent Safety Rings)
 Replacement Parts
 Part # Description
 477501 MaxBullet® Truck Mount Hardware Replacement Kit
(1 - 8' MaxBullet® Truckmount Bar, 2 - L Brackets, 8 - Fasteners)
 477502 MaxBullet® Truck Mount L-Bracket Replacement Kit
(2 - L Brackets, 8 - Fasteners)
 477503 Truck Mount Replacement Strips
(16 - 8" x.198 Low Temp Scratch-Guard® Strips, 8' long)
 477104 Hi-Viz® Fluorescent Safety Rings
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